Advertising Media Kit

The Internet allows companies to reach out to a greater audience at a fraction of the cost in comparison to other traditional media. The Internet is the fastest growing medium in history and has already enhanced to more than 327 million users world wide and within two years 490 million people worldwide will have Internet access - about 80 per 1000 people.

As per NASSCOM, in India there are about 2.5 million Internet subscribers (or 8 million users), estimated as on March 2001. This figure is expected to increase to 4.5 million Internet subscribers (15 million users) by March 2002, and 10 million Internet subscribers (32 million users) by March 2003. As of 31 August 2000, there was a PC base of 5 million PCs. Out of these, there were more than 4 million machines, which had Pentium chips, and above (i.e. machines which could be effectively used for Internet). More than 81% of stand alone PCs sold during financial year 1999-2000 were driven by the need to access the Internet. Internet access continues to be most widespread amongst the 18-24 year age group. However, all age groups have seen vast increases in access over the last 18 months. A significant development is that almost 11% of people over the age of 40 now access the Internet.

Now you can enjoy the benefit of marketing on one of the most popular pets web sites amongst all major pets sites on the Internet. has a variety of different advertising options available to market and promote your company and/or products on the Internet. Whether you are looking to launch your site, or are interested in advertising campaigns, will work with you to understand your objectives and help develop an advertising campaign designed to suit your requirements.

Banner Ads

All pages contain a single top banner to facilitate fast loading of the web page. There are over 1,000 pages in the site (

Rate: Rs. 150/- (USD 3.20/-) CPM (Cost per thousand ads served)

Newsletter Ads publishes 3 opt-in newsletters at present. They include:

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai (PPAM) Monthly newsletter
  • Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Bombay SPCA)
    Quarterly newsletter.
  1. Banner Ads

Newsletters are delivered in HTML format and contain a single top banner.

  • Rs. 2/- (USD 0.04/-) per subscriber
  • PPAM Rs. 2/- (USD 0.04/-) per subscriber
  • Bombay SPCA Rs. 2/- (USD 0.04/-) per subscriber
  1. Text Ads

Text ads run from 4-6 lines of text and may include the advertiser's URL.

  • Re. 1/- (USD 0.02/-) per subscriber
  • PPAM Re. 1/- (USD 0.02/-) per subscriber
  • Bombay SPCA Re. 1/- (USD 0.02/-) per subscriber


Advertisers can sponsor a complete section of the site ( The sponsor's banner is permanently displayed at the top of the page till the end of the campaign. contains the following sections:

  • Dogs' section
  • Cats' section
  • Birds' section
  • Fishes' section
  • Discussion Groups section
  • Petatorium section
  • Ask the Experts section
  • Classified Ads section
  • E-Mail Inboxes section
  • PPAM section

Rate: Rs. 50,000/- or USD 1,000/- per month.


This section allows buyers and sellers to buy/sell pets and services more effectively. A classified advertisement must include the buyer/seller contact number and an email-id. The ad can be with or without image(s). A image cannot be displayed without an accompanying text ad.

Text Ads: Rs. 150/- or USD 3.50/- per 50 words per month.

Image(s): Rs. 25/- or USD 1.00/- per image.

Psychographic Characteristics conducts regular surveys, polls and collects personal interest information from its surfers. Advertisers could use this data to help create a demographic profile of the site's surfers and important information about pets in India.

Rate: To be discussed and decided based upon nature of data.


  1. Banner creative specs
    File Size: 5-10KB
    Pixel Size: 468*60
    File Format: gif / gif89a / jpg
    Animation: No restrictions
  2. Classified ad Images
    File Size: upto 15KB
    Pixel Size: 150*100
    File Format: jpg
    Animation: Not allowed
  3. Submission Rules
    All banner creatives must be submitted to 7 business days prior to start date. Advertiser must submit his email address along with the creative. Acceptance of advertising programs is subject to space availability.
  4. Reports
    Reports will be generated at the end of each month and will be emailed to the client. It will contain the number of page impressions and the Click Thru Rate (CTR).
  5. Creative support
    Advertisements may be created by us at the cost of Rs. 3,000/- (USD 65/-) per banner advertisement.
  6. Credit policy
    We are not in a position to offer credit, kindly pay the amount in advance on signup.
  7. Payment procedure
    Make your cheque payable to:

    India Pets
    703, Sovereign,
    Hiranandani Gardens, Powai,
    Mumbai - 400076,
    Tel Nos.: +91.22.9820903712