Meet our Experts

1. Dr. (Mrs.) Sarita U. K. Gulavane [specialist Gynaecology, Small Animals]

Dr. (Mrs.) Sarita U. K. Gulavane

  • B.V.Sc.
  • A.H.
  • M.V.Sc. (Animal Reproduction)


  • Studied Small Animal Endoscopy with special reference to small animal reproductive disorders from University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

2. Dr. Trilok M. Telang [specialist Physician, Small Animals]

Dr. Trilok M. Telang

  • B.V.Sc.
  • Post Doctoral study in Toxicology from A&M University, Texas

3. Dr. Chandu C. Wakankar [specialist Surgeon, Small Animals]

Dr. Chandu C. Wakankar

  • B.V.Sc.
  • M.V.Sc.
  • Ph.D.

4. Ms. Sheila Naharwar [specialist all Dog-breeds]

Ms. Sheila Naharwar

  • Secretary Bombay Presidency Kennel Club (BPKC)
  • The Doberman Lady of India

5. Mr. Abhijit Chitnis [Dog Trainer]

Mr. Abhijit Chitnis

  • Trained 67 dogs with their owners in various phases of obedience, protection, odour detection, tracking, in either single or group obedience classes.
  • Judged the Obedience Trial at the first Royal K-9 Club show held in Dombivli.
  • Invited by Bombay Veterinary College to give 2 hours lecture in K-9 Obedience.

Trained and handled:

  • Indian Champion Belquest I Believe "Billy" to win 7 CCs including "Best Puppy in Show" and "7th Best in Show".
  • Indian Champion Stillroven Half Serious "Couger" to win 5 CCs and 1 CD.
  • Indian Champion Suzy, a beautiful chocolate Labrador owned by Mr. Prashant Kopikar for the Breed Ring.
  • Indian Champion Dango V. D. Khaler Heide, an outstanding German imported German Shepherd Dog, for his first CC.
  • Indian Champion Darbaxco's Danko of Komax, a rare all-black German Shepherd Dog owned by Mr. Prabhakar Sawant, Council Member of Indian National Kennel Club (INKC).
  • Diana of Komax, a beautiful bitch in the Puppy Class won a CC and Best Opposite Sex.
  • Indian Champion Inca Gold, a Saluki owned by Mr. Sanjeev Khandekar, Vice President, Enron, was a protest biter.

6. Mr. Sharad R. Sane [specialist Birds and Fishes breeder]

Mr. Sharad R. Sane

  • B.Sc. in Zoology
  • B.Sc. in Botany
  • M.Sc. in Zoology (with specialization in Animal Psychology)

Member of:

  • Avicultural Society, U.K.
  • Bombay Natural History Society, Bombay (India)
  • Parrot Society, U.K.
  • Bihang (BIOME), Bhubaneswar (India)
  • SSC/IUCN - Oriental Fresh Water
  • Chelonean Group, Sustainable Use Group
  • Marine Products Export Development Authority, Govt. of India
  • Zoo Advisory Committee (1975-77), Bombay (India)
  • Technical Committee Barvi Zoological Safari Park
  • Bird Group (1980), Govt. of India


  • Drafted Master Plan of National Zoological Park, New Delhi.
  • Bred successfully over 100 species of birds.
  • Handled over 200 varieties of cage birds.
  • Bred over 50 species of freshwater tropical aquarium fishes.
  • Kept several species of Indian and foreign turtles and tortoises.
  • Handled many species of lizards.
  • Kept several species of frogs, toads, Tree Frogs, Newts, Salamanders and Cacealians.
  • Bred Spanish Salamanders and Red Spotted Newts.
  • Bred Albino Five Striped Squirrels and Gerbils.
  • Kept or handled for short time small mammals like Mongooses, Hedgehogs, giant and Flying Squirrels, Marmasets, Mouse Deers, Langurs, Monkeys, and smaller cats like Jungle Cats, Tree Shrews and others