Bronze Wing Pionus

Latin Name

Pionus chalcopterus


The Bronze-winged Pionus is a dark grey / navy bluish bird. It has a white beak, and a conure-ish looking patch around the eye. The wings are spotted with 'bronze' colored tiny patches.






Northern part of South America, including Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and northern Peru.




Compared to any of the larger parrots a pionus will always rate as quiet. Pionus also tend to be much quieter than most conures. However, even though pionus are rated as quiet birds, they can learn to screech, and will be louder than most cockatiels.

One unique feature of all pionus is a wheezing hissing sound they sometimes make when frightened. Your first response might be to assume they are sick, as it sounds similar to an asthma attack. However, if you back off the sound should stop. Usually only very young pionus or more nervous breeders make this sound.


$500-$850. Each species of pionus sells in a different price range. On average the White-capped (P. senilis) and Maximilian (P. maximiliani) are cheaper than the Blue-headed (P. menstruus), Dusky (P. fuscus), and Bronze-winged (P. chalcopterus). The White-capped can start as low as $150 with the Blue-headed reaching as high as $900.