Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Latin Name

Cacatua (4 sub-species)


Four sub-species: which differ mainly in size 15-20 inches.

  1. Galerita Galerita - plumage is mostly white; forward curving narrow yellow crest; black beak and feet; ear patches are yellowish; and the underside of the wings and tail feathers are yellow.
  2. Galerita Fitzroyi - similar to the nominate race Galerita Galerita but has more yellow on the ear patches and the eye ring is pale blue and the beak is broader.
  3. Galerita Triton - lacks the yellow on the cheeks of the nominate race and has blue eye rings. The crest is shorter and broader.
  4. Galerita Eleonora - similar to the Triton subspecies but the beak is smaller and narrower. Crest has a flip to the end like the nominate race. (a.k.a. Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoo).


  1. Galerita Galerita - 20 inches
  2. Galerita Fitzroyi - 18 inches
  3. Galerita Triton - 17 inches
  4. Galerita Eleonora - 16 inches


The iris is dark brown in males and immature birds. Female iris' turns reddish brown after 2-3 years of age.


  1. Galerita Galerita - Northern, Eastern, and Southern Australia; Tasmania and King Island.
  2. Galerita Fitzroyi - Northern Australia, from the Fitzroyi river to the Gulf of Carpentaria.
  3. Galerita Triton - New Guinea.
  4. Galerita Eleonora - Aru Islands, Indonesia. (5 islands southwest of New Guinea and north of Australia).


These birds are very intelligent and are often used in birds shows. Few cockatoos are known for their talking abilities, however, some learn to repeat a few words and phases. Most become excellent pets due to the bond they form with their owners. Sulphur-crests love to be cuddled and if the owner is not careful they will become screamers for attention. It is important to socialize any cockatoo to be able to entertain itself with toys and wood to demolish.


Most Sulphurs as a rule are loud birds but most can have their screaming behavior modified with proper training. If left alone during the day with nothing to keep them entertained they can develop into screamers or pluck their feathers from boredom. They are highly social creatures so consider this prior to purchasing any cockatoo.


$1000-2500 depending on the sub-species.