Hahn Macaw

Latin Name

Ara nobilis


The smallest of the Macaws. The bird is primarily green, with red feathers under the wing. The Hahn has the distinctive macaw bald facial patch.

Hahn's Macaw is also known as the Red-Shouldered Macaw, especially in Europe. Rosemary Low argues in her "Complete Book of Macaws" that this bird should not be considered as a member of the genus Ara, but that it is really the only member of genus Diopsittaca. I have seen other books that agree with this.

There are at least two sub-species of this bird:

  1. Ara/Diopsittica nobilis nobils - The common version, with a dark gray upper beak. Ara nobilis nobilis is native in Eastern Venezuela, the Guianas, and Brazil north of the Amazon.
  2. Ara/Diopsittica nobilis cumanesis - A rare, larger version, with a horn-colored upper beak. Ara nobilis cumanensis is native in Brazil south of the Amazon. This bird is called the Noble Macaw.


13 Inches (a little larger than a cockatiel).


Indeterminable by appearance.




This bird is more easily trained than the larger macaws, and is more often recommended as a house pet than the other macaws.


Can be loud.


Prices usually $500 - 750