Interviewing a Bird Breeder

Purchasing a pet parrot requires a considerable financial investment and is a life long commitment to provide companionship and care. Make sure you are up to the challenge of owning a parrot before you purchase one. Once the decision is made to buy a parrot, you need to make the best possible choice to ensure that the relationship is a rewarding one for both you and the bird. Purchase your bird from a source, which has given your bird the right start in life. Do your best to ensure that it is a healthy, secure and well-socialized bird. Finding a "quality" breeder or pet store can help you avoid a bad experience.

General questions you should ask when you interview a bird breeder or pet store before you purchase your bird. The answers should be used to determine whom to purchase your bird from:

  1. How many birds do you own or care for and what species are they?
  2. How long have you been breeding birds and how long have you been at this location?
  3. If a pet store, where do you get your birds?

The answers to the above questions will vary greatly among different establishments. Some breeders specialize in one or several species and are experts on those species. Another important factor is the person to bird ratio. Can the establishment take proper care of the birds with x amount of people? If not, you may be purchasing a bird that is ill and/or not properly socialized. These birds may be nervous, unaccustomed to change, unaccepting new foods, unaccustomed to being handled, and not trained. These birds will require more time to adjust to their new surroundings and will require the care of an experienced bird owner to help them overcome their poor beginnings.

A company that has been in business at a particular location for many years may have gained a reputation that can be investigated.