Location of Cages and Aviaries

Cages and aviaries should be in a sunny spot, particularly where they collect the winter sun. They should be in a drought-free area, sheltered by a fence or another building from the prevailing cold winds and rain. Aviaries with a shelter at one end should have the exposed end open to the direction of the sun while the three enclosed sides should be against the prevailing winds and driving rain. In the southern hemisphere the open end should face north. Finch and parrot aviaries in non-tropical areas should be partly enclosed, with an open section allowing the birds to take full advantage of the sunshine. The enclosed section provides shelter and privacy during nesting and rearing.

The aviary should be located so that the birds are disturbed as little as possible, by noisy roads, playing children or any other noisy activity. Excessive disturbance may lead to refusal to nest, or desertion of eggs or young. Small cages containing canaries or budgerigars should never be left in the sun for long periods. If a position that affords partial shade and sunlight is not available, partially cover the cage with a cloth.