Red Fronted Conure

Latin Name

Aratinga Wagleri Minor


The Red-Fronted Conure's body is almost entirely green with a red on the bend of the wings. The face has red directly above the cere to a point halfway up the head. It is similar to, and often confused with, the Mitred Conure, particularly when young. Prior to the second molt, these birds are almost identical. The breast feathers are a lighter green than the body feathers. They're are bigger than all other Conures except the Patagonian. They are fairly noisy, and have sophisticated speech patterns (in "bird"). This species is being displaced in its natural range by the Mitred Conure, and the two are often confused. There are four sub-species reported in "Parrots of the World." The photo shows a four year old male Aratinga Wagleri Minori.


15 Inches


Indeterminable by appearance.


Eastern Slopes of the Andes on South-Central Peru.


Hand raised and fed birds are likely to train well. The Red-Front has a reputation as being a good talker. Excellent companion species.


As with all Aratinga Conures, these birds can be loud. Ours is usually quite except when his territory is impinged upon by other animals.


Prices are usually $300 - $400; when available. It is extremely difficult to differentiate this bird from the Mitred Conure when young. Reliable identification of a young bird can only be done by careful examination of the colors of all the different types of feathers. There are characteristic patterns for each species