Scarlet Macaw

Latin Name

Ara macao


Face and plumage is a bright red. As with all macaws, the Scarlet has the whitish skin face mask. Unlike the Green-wing Macaw, the Scarlet has no green color on the wing.


36 Inches (Large bird)


Indeterminable by appearance, though hens may have a slimmer head.


Scarlet Macaws originate in the rainforests of South America. They can be seen in the wild in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador. For breeders raising and hand-feeding these no longer imported beauties, (it's illegal to import them now because smuggling was making them extinct).


Requires much attention, can be trained to talk - but not considered very good mimics. Requires large space due to large size.

Scarlets are more intelligent than the other types and require more stimulation as pets. If not stimulated, they can become very demanding and have a tendency to become aggressive or pluck.


Can be loud.


Prices $1300 - $2500.