Sun Conure

Latin Name

Aratinga solstitialis


The suns are a beautiful red/orange/yellow over most of the bird. The wings have a slight green on the wings. The younger birds are more green, and their brighter colors appear after several molts. As with all conures, the Sun has the white skin patch around the eye. Average weight of 100g-120g.


12 Inches


Indeterminable by appearance. However, you can take a guess by looking at the shape of the bird's head. Females have a rounder and smaller head than the male. The male's head is squarer, with a flatter forehead.


North western Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela.


The Suns are very playful and entertaining birds, and can be trained easily. Many breeders find the Sun to have a great playful personality.


The Suns are known as loud birds. The bird has a very loud scream. And if not trained properly, the bird will be loud often. Sun owners say it is possible to train the birds to be more quiet.


Prices are usually $300 - $400.