What to check for before leaving the Breeder / Pet Store with your bird?

1. You should make sure that if the bird does not pass a vet exam, you have the privilege of returning/exchanging the bird within a certain and reasonable amount of time. Some dealers include a vet check in the purchase price, but ask if you can take the bird to your vet as well.

2. Get a written bill of sale, clearly stating the terms of the sale, which really should include:

  1. The privilege to return the bird if it is not up to par.
  2. Date of purchase and any other conditions of sale.
  3. The amount that you paid for the bird, method of payment (cash, etc.).
  4. The bird's band number.
  5. The hatch date of the bird.
  6. A full description of the bird, scientific name, any unusual marks, and the bird's sex (if known).
  7. If the bird is imported, get all the proper documentation for it.

Such information might prove useful when retrieving a stolen bird, or if you should ever have to prove ownership of your avian friend.

3. Get written instructions on diet, care, and such.

4. Get the number of the breeder/store and the number of an avian vet, if you don't have one already.