Yellow Collar Macaw

Latin Name

Ara auricollis


The yellow collar is the second largest mini macaws. It has a yellow ring around its neck and a dark head. The yellow collar increases in brightness and width with age. Mature birds have bright wide bands. They have feather tracks on the bare facial skin below their eyes, as the large macaws do. Each bird's facial feather tracks are just as unique as are people's fingerprints. The birds body is green and the flights are blue. The upper portion of the tail feathers are blue and the bottom half are wine colored. They weigh about 250-280 grams.


17 Inches


Indeterminable by appearance.


The are native to the northern part of South America, with their heaviest concentrations in Bolivia.


The yellow collar is an extremely intelligent and trainable pet. They are playful and self entertain. They tend to like a variety of people if well socialized when young and don't tend to be screamers. They, like the other macaws have limited talking ability, but will various words and phrases and will learn to use them appropriately. They love toys and especially love to play in the water.




Yellow collars range in price from $700 - $1100 and can be found fairly readily.